Tuesday, 19 February 2013


If you've ever drank in The Vat and Fiddle pub in Nottingham, the chances are you will have met KIPR.
KIPR or Kipper was the little Tuxedo cat that lived there. Most of the time she'd be kipping, but when she wasn't she'd be wandering around the customers to see what they were drinking.

Sadly, KIPR died last week.

KIPR was famous, she appeared on East Midlands news a few years back. Castle Rock had brewed a beer named after her and the profits from this strong dark ale were to help pay her vet bills.

Whenever I was meeting someone there I'd often receive a text message as I approached the pub "Kipper is on my lap." and I'd walk a little quicker to see her.

I last saw her about 12 weeks ago. I'd barely sat down when she jumped out of her bed onto my lap for a cuddle.
A lot of folk are going to miss that little moggy. Bless little Kip.


  1. Sad story, I imagine the place must feel like something is missing now.

    We walked through Leadenhall Market at the weekend and got sad reading about Old Tom the goose: http://blackcablondon.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/cabbies-curios-old-tom-of-leadenhall/

    I even get sad looking at bottles of Old Growler and Purity Ubu knowing the dogs on the label have passed away.

    Well, Kip will live on in people's memories...

    I've got something in my eye.

  2. By the way, if you are wondering where she got her name apparently she was named after Kelham Island Pale Rider.

  3. Nearly sat on the old girl last time I was in the pub. She was curled up asleep on a bench, no white showing, bit grumpy when I carelessly disturbed her.