Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sour Grapes: A beer for people that don't drink beer.

We've long known that Lovibonds in Henley-on-Thames brew some stunning beers. Just drinking a glass of Henley Dark, 69 IPA or Gold Reserve is an exclamation mark on the awards Jeff and his crew have received for their talents.

I had the pleasure of revisiting the Lovibonds tasting room recently and as if luck would have it Sour Grapes was being served on tap.

Now Lovibonds are passionate about what they do, and they want you to know that. There were so many tasters being handed out at the brewery tap it would give the beer geeks a real knicker-wetting session.

So what did the punters make of Sour Grapes? A sour beer originally born out of a batch of Henley Gold that stuck fermenting?
Some were hesitant in deciding if they liked it, others loved it. I overheard someone say "It's still fermenting, I don't think you should drink it."
But my favourite moment came when a woman that said she didn't drink beer but drank cider was given a glass, she thought it was great.

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