Thursday, 21 June 2012

Leicester Pubs - The Pub

Yes, this boozer is named The Pub.
I usually refer to it as The Pub on New Walk to avoid any confusion.

It's only half the pub it used to be, the Demontfort, Wig and Pen, Courthouse were some of the previous names. Then it was split down the middle, parts becoming flats and a burger bar.

There can be up to 33 beers and ciders on at once in this place.
Regulars include Oakham Inferno and something dark by Beowulf.
Also expect to see Salamander and Leatherbritches beers.

When the owners of The Pub previously ran Out Of The Vaults across the road, they were famous for their beer festivals.
Some people ask when The Pub are going to have a beer festival. Do they need to when they are already serving so many beers? I think not.

Find The Pub on New Walk, close to King Street.

Location:Wellington St,Leicester,United Kingdom

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