Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Leicester Pubs: The Kings

I was cycling up Kings Street when I noticed something. The roadworks slowed me down and I looked at The Kings. I wouldn't normally look at this place as it lost its way a while back.

I remember alcoholic Sundays here in the summer some 15 or plus years ago. Then pubs like The Vaults and Out Of The Vaults came and went and we slowly forgot about The Kings.

It reopened a week or so ago.
It's back to a traditional looking pub.
8 cask ales and real cider. Ham cobs, cheese and onion cobs and Hotpot. Loud patterned soft carpets.

I like it.
I like all kinds of beer and pubs. I'm just as contended here as I am in The Font in Leicester, a pub that's almost polar opposites.

Find your corner here and sup away a few hours.

Location:King St,Leicester,United Kingdom

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