Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fear Of Tomorrow

I know when the Swan and Rushes last served Jaipur.
It was 18 August 2006.
I remember this well as the following morning I had the hangover from hell and I was due to head to London to see the mighty Celtic Frost play in the subterranean venue the Mean Fiddler.

Swan and Rushes were holding their annual cider and cheese festival. This combined with copious amounts of Jaipur and a lock-in caused near alcohol poisoning.

The train journey to the capital involved lots of sweating and weeping. Utterly pathetic.
Needless to say, hair of the dog and oysters at Borough Market were the cure, and it wasn't long before I was sinking cans of £3.50 Red Stripe at the gig.

Anyway, the Swan have finally got another cask of Jaipur and I'm drinking from it. You can see why I have fear of tomorrow.

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