Friday, 3 February 2012

The Session #60: Growler Greed

I've got Growler Greed.

Flagons are a flop. You know the plastic type a lot of UK pubs use that leak unless you keep them upright. I've a couple of those but I don't use them.

I own a couple of Lovibonds Growlers, a 1 litre and a 2 litre, and a couple of BrewDog Growlers. None of these leak, this is why I use them.

I use them for fills at brewery taps and I use them for takeouts from pubs. This is where Growler Greed rears its ugly head.

If a local pub gets a cask of beer I'm really enjoying, the Growler is produced and filled. I know the pub only has 9 gallons of this beer and I'm damned if anyone else is going to drink my share. When that cask runs out I know I've got another 2 or 4 pints to enjoy later.

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