Tuesday, 14 February 2012


So the brewer gets into work sometimes as early as 5am.
They work a long shift. It's a physical job, when they're not moving sacks of malted barley around they might be digging out spent grain from the Mash tun or washing casks.
They're proud of their finished product. It's alchemy. They've made something special from a few ingredients.

After the beer has fermented then split into casks to condition they're eventually ready to transport to pubs.

Then the cask sits in a pub cellar. It's one of those pubs that might be in the Good Beer Guide, so they like to have a large choice of cask ales on offer. Sometimes it's tricky to guess what amount of beer you'll sell in a week, but you tap those casks. And they sit in the cellar. And sit a little longer. And a little while longer.

And when the beer is finally pulled into the glass it's as flat as a wet fart.
What a shame.