Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oakham Ales Straw Bear Ale

Each January we come to Whittlesey to drink Straw Bear Ale by Oakham Ales.

It's a straw coloured beer, no less, with more than enough bittering hops to wake you up on a sub-zero January morning.

We drink it in The Bricklayers Arms, we drink it in The Letter B, we drink it in The George Hotel. We drink it in the streets watching a man dressed head to toe in straw.

There are other beers celebrating this unusual event; Elgood's Straw Beer and Tydd Steam Beartown. Straw Bear ale by Fenland brewery has long gone.

The Bear dances from pub to pub and thousands of people drink and watch. Some follow. It's a great start to the year's drinking calendar.


  1. How strange. But how brilliantly strange.

  2. Dan,
    It is a strange custom, and seeing it every year doesn't make it any less so.