Thursday, 26 January 2012

I'm Not In Norfolk

But it feels like I am.
Thanks again to The Salmon in Leicester for sourcing the beers I'd usually enjoy on holiday in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Green Jack Mahseer IPA hit the spot as the first pint ordered and slugged. One of those IPAs that slaps all parts of the tongue; fruity, hoppy and salty.

Grain beers I've only ever drank in Norfolk. Always impressed.
Drank at The Plough in Norwich and The Village Inn, West Runton. Never in Leicester until now.
The Blonde Ash is as good as a British version of a Belgian Wit is going to get.

Humpty Dumpty beers I've mostly drank in Norfolk, sometimes in Cambridgeshire, never in Leicestershire.
This is the first time I've drank Reedcutter, a pale 4.4%. I will drink it again. Tonight though, I will drink another pint of Mahseer IPA.

Location:Butt Close Ln,,United Kingdom

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