Tuesday, 10 January 2012

BIG BUX! Buxton Brewery

What does Buxton bring to mind?
Echo and the Bunnymen at the Pavilion Gardens in Shine So Hard? Hinge and Bracket at the Opera House? If those left a bad taste in the mouth then the award winning beer brewed by Buxton Brewery certainly won't.

I'll be honest and say we don't see much of their beers in Leicester, apart from bottles at The Offie, so whenever I've seen them elsewhere they're usually the first beers I'd order at the bar.
Just a few of my favourites;

Buxton High Tor
An India Red Ale at 6.2% abv.
Sweet fruity mouthfeel with a massive dry finish. Tons of hops.

Black Rocks.
Not as heavy as some black IPAs can be.
Zesty, like someone had squeezed a lime into a mug of porter.

Axe Edge
6.8% abv.
A massive tropical fruit punch. One of the best Double IPAs out there and my favourite Buxton brew.

One of the easiest drinking Imperial stouts I've ever had. Chocolatey and roasty. Drinks more like 6% than 9.5%. Certainly isn't cloying gloop like some stouts of this strength.

Wild Boar IPA
5.7% abv. Full of the orange pith bitterness you want to find in a well hopped IPA.

What's not to love? Hunt them down. Hopefully, as the brewery expands you won't have to look too far.
There's a line-up of their other beers on their website.
Take a look.
Other folk can drink the water from St. Ann's Well in Buxton, I'll stick with a drop of carnage, thank you very much.


Twitter: @BuxtonBrewery
Twitter: @Kempicus


  1. Someone seems to have cleaned their paint brush in your Jever ;)

    I'm a big fan of Buxton and review a few of their bottles when I started blogging, I don't review much, but felt compelled to in this case! Big fan of Axe Edge,Spa and Moor Top. But then there aren't any of theirs that I don't actually like.

  2. David,
    Thanks for your comment. I can confirm the paint was delicious.
    Another great thing about Buxton beers is you can say you've done Axe Edge without putting on your walking boots and waterproofs...