Monday, 12 December 2011

When In Camden: BrewDog

I remember this place well. It used to be the Laurel Tree pub. When Britpop was about to explode there used to be a club night upstairs called Blow Up. You'd see members of Blur, Buzzcocks, Prolapse and Huggy Bear drinking whilst the DJ threatened to play Scott Walker to calm the dancing crowd. Yes, it really did feel like the floor was going to collapse at times.

So here we are 17 or more years later in BrewDog Camden. Who'd da thought it?
What's it like? It's like a BrewDog bar. If you've been to any others you know what to expect; bare bricks, second hand furniture and the kind of beers some folk call "world class".
It looks nothing like the Laurel Tree, that's for sure. It's small but there's a downstairs bar too.

On the bar: Wasabi Stout, AB:06, BrewDog/Lost Abbey Lost Dog, Prototype 17, Tokyo*, Riptide, Mikkeller Vikings Revenge plus more.

I like it. Another great boozer for pre gig drinks in Camden.
BrewDog Camden is a short walk from Camden tube on Bayham Street.

Location:Bayham St,London,United Kingdom

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