Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oakham Ales: Baby Belma

Oakham Ales have pulled off something special again. A couple of years ago they were the first UK brewery to brew using Citra hops. This time they're the only brewery in the world to brew commercially with the Belma hop.

So what does it taste like?
It definitely tastes like an Oakham ale, it's got their typical dry bitter finish. More bitter than JHB but less so than Citra. The citrus flavours are understated, so it does taste more like a UK hop than an American hop, as others have also said.
Easy drinking. You could quite easily drink this all night.

There were only enough hops for one brew, so you best hunt some down whilst you've got the chance. The more I drink the less chance there is of you getting some. Sorry, that's how it goes sometimes.

Location:Grange Ln,Leicester,United Kingdom

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