Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Blue Monkey Brewery Shop

Guy and Biggins finally made it to the Blue Monkey brewery shop. It's only been open about a month, but as soon as they knew it had opened they wanted to go. They'd heard the Blue Monkey bottled beers were only available at the brewery shop and possibly another couple of places. In a word, rare.

They had some trouble catching an omnibus at first until Guy disguised himself as a human and Biggins hid in his bag. They caught the Rainbow 1 on Derby Road, Nottingham. Guy asked for a return ticket to Ikea in Giltbrook and handed £3.70 to the driver.

Around 20 minutes later they were there.
Bottles of Big Blue, Evolution, Guerilla, BG Sips, Magic, Nuts and loads more packed the shelves. There were stacks of 5 litre mini casks and Blue Monkey mugs for sale too.

Biggins loves a bargain and the friendly chap working in the shop told them that if you bought 12 bottles you get a discount meaning you only pay for 10. At £2.60 each that means you pay £26. Biggins was so excited he wanted to jump around and fling his poo. Guy told him to calm down, he could chuck his muck when they were at the bus stop.

They thanked the friendly man at the brewery and headed home, bags clinking, to impatiently watch the sediment in the bottle conditioned beers drop.

Blue Monkey brewery shop
Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am until 16:30pm

10 Pentrich Road
Giltbrook Industrial Park
Giltbrook, Nottingham.
NG16 2UZ

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