Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seven Dry Days

Just over a week ago I enjoyed a half of kegged Magic Rock Brewing Dark Arts Surreal Stout. My wife had brought back a carry out from the Sheffield Tap.
It was a special treat, not only because the beer itself is currently the best UK stout around, but because I wouldn't usually be drinking alcohol on a Tuesday evening.

On Thursday all hell broke loose in my guts. A stomach ache grew into what I realised was appendicitis.
I was taken to A&E and given several doses of morphine.
By the time I finally went to theatre on the Friday afternoon the appendix had ruptured, filling my abdomen with poisonous pus.

A thirty minute keyhole op took two hours.

And here I am, still in hospital. Recovery is slow. The high temperatures and vomiting have been really unpleasant. I'll be here a while yet.
Messages of support on Twitter have been really heart warming and have brought tears to my eyes. There really are some lovely people out there.
Hopefully I'll see you soon out there, not on a dry day.

Location:Woodborough Rd,Leicester,United Kingdom


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hope your road to recovery is a fast one ....get well soon
    Rod Martin

  2. That doesn't sound fun at all. I hope you'll be out of there and will be better soon. Until then, try get in all the sponge baths you can ;)
    Much love

  3. Cheers Ghostie,
    I was planning on visiting Beer Ritz at some point this coming weekend as I was due to be up in Leeds.
    So many plans have gone to waste.
    All the best.

  4. Sorry to hear the news, hope your feeling better by now and out soon.

  5. Thanks arn.
    I'm doing well right now and back home.