Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Return Trip... Supersonic Festival 2011

Supersonic Festival. A music festival where the beer gets better each year.
Until a couple of years back it was the usual mass produced swill, then Purity bottles began to appear.
I gave the festival a miss in 2010 but there were enough bands playing on the Saturday this year to warrant a Return Trip...

Mixing drinks with enormous sonic assault was going to be fun.
First up, Purity UBU from the cask in Space 2 where the grumbling doom of Orthodox warmed up our bowels.
The UBU was a good balance of sticky sweet malt with a dry finish.

Next, Purity UBU again but poured from a bottle in the Boxxed stage. I preferred it from the bottle today. Livelier and easier to quaff. I was struggling with the plastic pint cups though, spilling almost as much as I was drinking over myself.

Bardo Pond were plodding psychedelic tedium. The last time I saw this band was over ten years ago when one of my alter egos was playing on the same bill. I didn't think much of them then, and I wasn't that keen on the Hogan's cider I was drinking whilst I watched them either. The taste was somewhere between sausages and halitosis.

Next in the schedule was Wolves In The Throne Room and a pint of Veltins. I wouldn't describe myself as a Veltins fan but this evening it tasted clean and refreshing after that cider. Cascades of blue-lit fog surrounded the band as they flayed our ears with icy Black Metal.

I fancied another lager, and so it seemed did Electric Wizard, as roadies carried 11 or more pints onto the stage. So, another Veltins as the band crushed us with their heavy satanic sludge. They owned Supersonic and so did the Purity UBU. I had another pint before watching the loudest band at the festival, Monarch.

Tired and soaked in spilt beer, that was it for another year. It was time to leave. Fingers crossed next year for a Burning Witch reunion.

If you're brave enough to watch Electric Wizard's performance of Witchcult Today click on \m/


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