Saturday, 15 October 2011

Merry Men at Robin Hood Festival

Let's get this straight.
Nottingham's Robin Hood beer festival has become the best British cask ale festival, and with just under a 1000 beers on offer it's got to be the biggest.

It was a smart move a few years back from the Victoria baths in Sneinton to the castle grounds. Suddenly everyone in the city knew that Nottingham had a beer festival. Queues were extending down the street.

Advance tickets for Friday sold out this year. We got there early and enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day wandering around the site with a glass in hand.

Brodies Dalston Black IPA, Buxton Wild Boar, Magic Rock High Wire and Dark Arts all on superb form.
And who can resist a glass or three of Buxton Axe Edge when that's on at a festival?

Reluctant Scooper's alter ego Kevin had a bath in chemicals.

Blue Monkey brewery celebrated their 3rd birthday.

To serve Spyke Golding's whisky aged ale directly in front of the entrance was a great idea, and I hope sales raised a lot of money for the Nottingham hospital radio charity.

Next year I shall definitely be buying advance tickets. I can't risk missing the UK's best beer festival.

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