Monday, 5 September 2011

Scurf And Turf

Peterborough Beer Festival 2011

Peterborough. Twice a year. On the way back from Straw Bear each January and the CAMRA beer festival each August (for more years than I care to remember).

All I remember of the first year I was there was I bought a pair of Oakham Ales Wellington boots. Or was that the second year? The things you buy after a belly full of ale.

Most years I've missed the mudbath. Usually get sunburnt. Or stung by wasps. One year a few of us camped a couple of miles up the road and spent all day Friday and all day Saturday there, staggering back to the tents in the dark. What a rotten Sunday we had.

The first time I drank Punk IPA was at this festival in 2007, so there's always something special to find here.

2011 then.
Slight change to the familiar layout but still spread through three giant marquees with the beers in alphabetical order by brewery name.

Always head to the Oakham bar and get their festival special then check out what beers haven't run out.

So many great beers here this year.

Magic Rock Dark Arts
Thornbridge Geminus
Blue Monkey Big Blue
Flowerpots IPA
Summer Wine Zenith
Newby Wyke Orsino

And quite a few more I can't remember. Most of the beers I drank were over 6% abv. I'm looking forward to the day Peterborough CAMRA start using third pint measures.

Finally got a pint of Oakham Ales Scarlet Macaw and it was damn good.

I do enjoy Peterborough beer festival. It's my favourite for cask ale. GBBF just beats it because of the Bierès Sans Frontières bar. Nottingham is a close third.
Peterborough has lots of space and a relaxed vibe.

Pubs only a short walk from the festival worth a look are The Coalheavers Arms, Palmerston Arms and Charters. If you're travelling by rail Oakham Ales Brewery Tap are a short stroll from the station.

Maybe the second half of Geminus and second half of Dreamcatcher weren't such a good idea though.

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