Thursday, 15 September 2011

Leicester Pubs - The Salmon

The Salmon is doing things differently in Leicester.
It's sourcing beers that other pubs haven't served.

I can understand the reasons behind LocAle but it can make pubs a bit predictable and samey.

When you go into The Salmon you will find beers by Marble, Raw, The Brew Company, Great Heck, Muirhouse, Newby Wyke...
It's this line-up of beers that's making me go back.

A Scottish beer festival runs from 29 September to 2 October with beers from breweries including Fyne Ales, Tempest, Williams Bros, Arran and about 15 others. For many of the breweries it's the first time their beers have been in this city.

The Salmon is tucked away on Butt Close Lane between the Highcross shopping centre and the St. Margaret's bus station.

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