Sunday, 18 September 2011

Leicester Pubs - The Font

Open since November 2010. This pub was previously a Castle Rock pub called The Gateway. I had a soft spot for The Gateway. It was conveniently on the way home. Big, bright and had air con. Then it became a bit neglected and it was of little surprise when it closed.

So what is The Font good for?
The all day breakfasts for £5.
The clothes airer with the day's newspapers draped over it.
The chips.
The food.
The free Wifi.
The friendly staff.

Now the disappointing news.
The beer selection isn't very interesting.
If you want Stella you've got it. Regular Stella, Stella 4 and Stella (cough!) Black.
Vedett Extra Blond, Staropramen.
There are a few bottles like Chimay, Kwak and Duvel. It's all a bit last decade.
You can't always guarantee there will be ale on. If there is it's usually Harvest Pale or Elsie Mo. If you're lucky there might be something by Blue Monkey. Quite often the pumpclips are turned around. No ale.

So, The Font.
It's a great looking place with great food.
Is there anything that would make me want to stay here all evening? Sadly not, but that's because the lure of another pub a couple of streets away is too strong. I'd rather spend £3 on a fresh pint of Oakham Citra or a bottle of Orval than any of the beers available here.

It's the food that keeps making me go back to The Font.

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