Thursday, 8 September 2011

Church End Brewery Tap...

... and The Horseshoes.

Get the train to Nuneaton.
Go to the bus station.
Catch the number 41 bus to Ridge Lane.
Walk through a driveway between a row of terraced houses.
See this...

Go to the bar and order The Coffin.
The Coffin is 8 third pints of Church End beer.
Drink the beers then move onto pints. Vicar's Ruin, Goat's Milk, Fallen Angel being particularly good.

Eat a Stilton and broccoli pasty.

Try not to look at the naff posters in the bar and the toilet. Because Church End beers are great. Why print these posters that do the brewery no favours?

Catch a bus named after Larry Grayson. Get off the bus at The Horseshoes.
The Horseshoes is a tap for the Tunnel Brewery.
Drink Tunnel Brewery Munich style lager (kegged). Nod to yourself, it's OK. You've had better, but it's OK.
Tell yourself you will come back to this pub.

Catch a bus back into Nuneaton.
Go into the Lloyd's pub there because it's called William White (Larry Grayson's real name).
Look at photos of Larry adorning the walls whilst drinking sour pints and filthy lout.

Eat crinkle cut chips purchased from Wale's chip shop.
Get train home.

Church End Brewery Tap
Ridge Lane
CV10 0RD

The Horseshoes
Heath End Road
CV10 7JQ

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