Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oakham Ales Untouchable IPA

Oakham Ales have brewed a massive IPA that kicks seven shades out of X- Terminator.

Untouchable IPA 9% abv.

Now listen, I'm not a fan of Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Fruit salad brain surgery.

You've got the peaches and orange marmalade flavours followed by the alcohol. That faint whiff of armpit you sometimes get from high alpha hops.
It's immense. The alcohol almost burns.

With a cask IPA this strong you will feel and taste the alcohol. I didn't mind it. I enjoyed it. Some brewers would keg and chill this kind of high abv beer so the alcohol is less pronounced. I'd like to try this kegged too. Purely out of greed, so I could drink it with more ease...

Did I say it's immense? It's immense. There's a shedload of hops.
I think I've found a high abv IPA as good as or better than Hardcore IPA.

Now look away. I'm drinking.

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