Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lucifer Rising

Rewind to the London Brewers' Alliance showcase 2010. The first drink I had there was from Camden Town Brewery. They'd only been going about 5 mins or a matter of weeks. It was really good stuff, appreciated after a train and tube journey into the centre of a sticky London.

The brewery are doing well and it's been easy enough to find their Camden Pale, Hells and Pilsner in the Euston Tap, Southampton Arms, Jolly Butchers and Draft House on other visits to the capital.

I spotted some bottles at GBBF and picked up a couple.

Brown glass - tick.
Great label design - tick.
Drank some some from a glass and some straight from the bottle.
From the bottle it's easy drinking, not gassy.
In the glass it pours a pale golden colour. Faint whiff of Camden Lock. Malty and refreshing. Excellent stuff.

Go to Hells.

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