Sunday, 31 July 2011


Last time I was in Edinburgh my Scottish friend insisted I order pints of heavy (McEwen's Export) or lager (Tennent's). That was a long time ago.

It's changed a bit since then.

After wandering around getting my bearings and eyeing up potential watering holes there was a bit of time to do touristy stuff. Plus expand my Tweed collection by buying a hat from Fabhatrix.

Nearby on Bow is The Bow Bar
I went for the kegged Black Isle Organic Porter. Chilled & thirst quenching for the first half, then roasted , almost aniseed flavours coming through as the beer warmed.

Followed this with a cask Tempest RyePA. I'd heard good things about this beer and I wasn't disappointed.
Quite similar to BrewDog's 5am Saint, red with fruity malt flavours.

I liked the Bow Bar. Had the feel of a regulars' boozer. Most of the older men in there were sticking with Tennent's and Deuchars, but there was a good selection of Scottish ales.

It's difficult to say which was my favourite pub on this visit but The Stockbridge Tap comes close. A smart looking place.
There was a decent sized lunchtime crowd tucking into the great food. Shame I'd already lined my stomach with a Scottish delicacy of Cheese Savoury bagette from Greggs.

I drank the Black Isle Goldeneye Pale ale as the sun burst through the pub window. My partner in crime sucked down a cask Black Isle Yellowhammer.

Off towards Cornelius Beers to grab a few Scottish bottles for myself and gifts to take home, pausing on the way for an Edinburgh snack of chips and sauce.

Apart from visiting the obvious (BrewDog bar) we made it to the Cloisters bar. Another no nonsense boozer with a good mixed crowd of drinkers and plenty of Scottish beers. I wasn't particularly adventurous and drank Goldeneye again. If I'd wanted I could have chosen beers by Cairngorm or Stewart.

If we had more time we would have explored a few other pubs too including the Red Squirrel and the Blue Blazer. But hey, who wants to spend all their time walking between pubs when they could be sitting in one with their knees and elbow bent?

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