Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dragon Slayer

Another week, another new pub.
On 29 June the George & Dragon at Stoke Golding, Leics reopened.
It's the first pub the Warwickshire based brewery Church End have launched.

As a patron of the Church End Brewery Tap at Ridge Lane I thought it the decent thing to go and check out their new venture.

Stoke Golding is around 15 miles from Leicester so I would have to get a bus or train to Hinckley then another bus.
The sun was shining so I decided to cycle there.

It's a fairly small two-roomed place with a car park and good beer garden. Disappointingly there's nowhere to lock bikes but I found a lampost.

As you enter the Bar is the left door, the Snug is the right. In the middle the old Off Sales hatch is still there. I hope it gets some use.

I chose the cosy Snug, the smell of fresh paint in the air.
On the bar that day were Grave Diggers Mild, Stout Coffin, Fallen Angel, Goat's Milk and What The Fox's Hat; all Church End brews.
I was pleased to hear the barmaid tell another punter the only lager on sale was Freedom Four "a hand-crafted lager from Staffordshire". One of my favourites, of course.

The only food on sale when I visited was cheese by the Leicestershire Handmade Cheese co and local pork pies. They will be hiring a cook for hot food in a couple of weeks.

I had the Goat's Milk and Stout Coffin, my sidekick went for W.T.F.H. which reminds me a little of Bass. All in great condition, it would be a pleasure to work the way through the beer menu.

I would have liked to have stayed longer but getting back by bike meant I couldn't.
Next time I'll use public transport.

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