Wednesday, 27 July 2011

BrewDog Edinburgh

A boozy couple of days in Edinburgh wouldn't be complete without a visit to the BrewDog bar. In fact we went here a few times.

I recall a few bars in the late 90s having interiors like this place, minimalist and industrial, bare brick walls with scruffy looking furniture. It seemed to fit with the grey concrete look of the outside of the building.

The core range of BrewDog beers were on apart from Trashy Blonde, a beer of theirs I've yet to try from the keg. Do they even put it in kegs? Had it plenty of times on cask.

I was going to work my way through the bar over a few visits. That included some of the guest beers. And maybe a pizza.

Alice Porter. This is a stunning beer on cask. Smooth. Roasty. Decent enough today. Just not cask.

Time for something unusual, Royal Virility Performance. Damn. The tap was firing blanks. No joy. This herbal Viagra IPA had already dumped its load. Better try the Imperial Wheat.

Now, you find beers in the BrewDog bars that they don't bottle and the Imperial Wheat was one.
Served in thirds. Strong, warming, Belgian yeast. Gorgeous. I wonder if it will end up as one of the Abstrakt beers?
Guest beers on included Stone Cali-Belgique; bargain of the day as a half pint was served in a US pint glass. The deliciously drinkable Mikkeller Sur Monk was also ordered.

I wasn't too impressed with the pizza. It looked like it was someone's first ever attempt at cooking a pizza. Loaded with cheddar, stodgy and greasy. Even shared with another person it was too much.

The staff at the bar were all very helpful and quick to serve when the bar was busy. They were also giving tasters to customers that had seemingly never had a BrewDog beer before.
The customers were a mixed crowd; from beer tourists to button down shirted geezers slugging 77 Lager from the bottle, from trendy girls drinking bottled Trashy Blonde to bands about to play at a venue a few doors away trying Tokyo* for the first time.

It was my first visit to a BrewDog bar and it was just as I expected.
They're soon to be cropping up all over the place I imagine. I won't have to travel so far next time.

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