Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Organ Grinder

It feels like it's been a long time coming but The Organ Grinder is finally open.

You'll find this pub in one of my favourite parts of Nottingham to go drinking, at the top of Derby Road on Canning Circus.
Someone has made a fine job of redecorating the place and there are several Blue Monkey logos scattered around the place to remind you what to drink.

The opening night was very busy, and it was great to see such a mixed crowd enjoying the beer. Several casks were drained and replaced during the night; Organ Grinder, BG Sips, Ape Ale, 99 Red Baboons and Guerilla were all flowing.

The kegged Thornbridge Jaipur and Brooklyn Lager were both refreshing and flavoursome as usual, and a lot of drinkers were sipping the draught La Chouffe.

I'm already looking forward to heading back soon.
If you wanted to crawl your way up there you could do no wrong by starting in town at The Malt Cross, head towards The Roundhouse by the castle, then out onto Derby Road to stop off at the Hand & Heart to drink in a cave, get a pint of Sierra Nevada Pale at The Ropewalk before crossing to Canning Circus.

The Organ Grinder
21 Alfreton Road


  1. Fascinating stuff!

    As a born and bred Notts lad myself I often head back - this looks like the place to explore.

    What's the parking situation? Lousy, I assume!

  2. @ Hearty Goodfellow You're right, parking situation is lousy, but you wouldn't want to drive there with all that great beer, would you?