Monday, 21 March 2011

Sheffield by Brompton

The first visit to The Greystones was on the cards. Thornbridge brewery's new "flagship pub", about 2.5 miles out of Sheffield city centre. There are buses that run there but why not take a bike?
Cycle to Leicester Railway station, fold Brompton, get train to Sheffield, unfold Brompton, cycle to Greystones and have a couple of drinks. So, about two hours after leaving the house I was in a pub I've never been to before drinking a beer I've never had before, Thornbridge Maniola, a dark winter ale.

The Greystones is a gorgeous pub with a great backroom for gigs. There were loads of Thornbridge beers including one on keg, one guest ale (Dark Star Hophead), a tasty looking menu and a friendly welcome and chat from the barstaff. Can't wait to get back.

Then it was time to head back into town to the Rutland Arms for a Bhaji Butty and Freedom Four lager.

And finally to the Sheffield Tap for the last half of BrewDog AB:05 before the shared keg makes its way to Euston Tap.

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  1. Good choices 2 of my favoirate drinks over the past month being manolia and AB:05, the latter being a definite wake up call for taste however.