Friday, 31 December 2010

Golden Pint Awards 2010

Best UK Draught Beer - Hopshackle Resination.

Best UK Brewery - Thornbridge.

Best UK bottled beer - The Kernel S.C.A.NS.

Best Overseas Draught Beer - Stone Ruination.

Best Overseas Bottled Beer - Flying Dog Raging Bitch.

Best Overseas Brewery - Stone Brewing.

Best Overall Beer - Thornbridge Seaforth.

Best Pumpclip or Label - Oakham Ales Straw Bear Ale. See the photo above.

Best Pub/Bar - The Sheffield Tap.

Best Beer Festival - Whittlesea Straw Bear. OK, so it's not strictly a beer festival, but there is copius amounts of beer involved and it's a festival.

Supermarket of the Year - Morrisons for stocking BrewDog 5am Saint.

Best Independent Retailer - The Offie, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester.

Best Brewery Online - BrewDog.

Best Beer Book or Magazine - Pass.

Best Twitterer - @jeffpickthall

Best Beer Blog - Pete Brown.

Food and Beer Pairing - Pizza and beer at the Swan & Rushes, Leicester.

In 2011 I'd most like to - carry on with the same old same old...

Open category - Hype of the year was the Citra hop. The word Citra was usually followed with a mass of exclamation marks.

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