Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Kernel & Chips

I was first drawn to The Kernel beers by their presentation, simple yet eye-catching. There's a handmade look to them that says "crafted". A bit like an early Tindersticks 7" record sleeve.

Some might say understated. Looks can be deceptive.

Let the beer speak for itself.

It's good, it's very good. It's more than good.

They or he, for it is Evin O' Riordain, brews once a week a stone's throw away from Tower Bridge, under the railway arches of Druid Street. The beer is bottled, and the hand-stamped labels applied.

A different beer is brewed each week so you'll get to try a variety if you keep an eye out...

I'm beginning to lose track, but a few - Simcoe, Citra, Centennial.Simcoe.Chinook., Baltic Porter, Nelson Sauvin, S.C.A.NS (work that one out for yourself...)
All great fresh-tasting beers.

The bottles are available from Sourced Market at St. Pancras railway station and Beer Merchants (mail order). If you pop down to Druid Street on a Saturday between 9am and 3pm you can pick up a selection of bottles direct from the brewery. I left there recently with a heavy clinking rucksack.
98 Druid Street
London SE1 2HQ

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