Thursday, 1 July 2010

Cheesy Does It

There's nothing like a spot of old fashioned entertainment to brighten up an already pleasant evening whilst sitting outside The Criterion drinking.

Red Leicester Morris were on one of their short crawls raising money for charities like LOROS and Macmillan. They started at The Western, moved onto The Criterion, then onto the Swan & Rushes.

There's not much space outside The Critter for dancing so a couple of the group had to stop the traffic whilst they shook their hankies and cracked their sticks on Millstone Lane.

As it's summer they were performing Cotswold Morris. In winter they perform Border Morris (which I prefer) with their faces painted red.

With Freedom Organic Dark and Anchor Steam on tap I decided to stay until last orders rather than follow the crawl.

There's a list of the whole of their 2010 tour here

YouTube Video

Alcofrolic Chap

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