Tuesday, 1 June 2010

BrewDog TM10

I was lucky enough to end up in London at the same time as BrewDog TM10.

TM10, a 5.5% abv vanilla-infused Saison-style beer, was brewed for Tate Modern's 10th Anniversary and was limited to 4000 bottles and a few kegs.

My first stop after St. Pancras was the Tate Modern gift shop and they still had a few bottles left at £3.95 each. I snapped up a couple and headed along the Thames Path.

It seemed like the hottest day of the year, so this thirst quenching Saison, available on keg in The Rake, was just what I needed after a wander around Borough Market.
It poured a deep amber colour, and was served quite cold. Not much hop aroma as you would expect from this style of beer. Very refreshing and extremely dry and spicy on the finish. I really couldn't tell this was a 5.5% beer. I couldn't taste any of the vanilla, but that may have been that it was served cold. I would have bought another half, but sadly I'd had the last half out of the keg.

A couple of weeks later I opened one of the bottles. I'd stuck it in the fridge for a couple of hours but decided that I'd drink half of it chilled and the other half after it had warmed a little.
When it's not so cold you start to taste the alcohol and the vanilla. The vanilla is quite understated, but amplifies the malt, balancing it with the dryness.

Pretty darn good I reckon. I just wish I'd picked up a few more bottles. Did I mention the bottles? Quite attractive little 375 ml things, with a hand-screened label.

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