Monday, 7 June 2010

1 of 175 = 27

I like BIG flavours. I like Hardcore IPA and I like Caol Ila whisky.
Raspberries are things I usually blow but I reckon I can make an exception tonight.

Tonight I'm drinking BrewDog Prototype 27. The result of, you guessed it, cramming a load of raspberries and IPA into a whisky cask.

It pours almost the colour of cherryade, and boy does it smell of those raspberries, the hops you would normally sniff off the Hardcore IPA have been suffocated by the fruit. You can just about make out the faint whiff of peat from the whisky, but I wouldn't really have noticed this unless I stuck my nose in the glass.

Big swig and the massive fruit flavour fills the mouth and makes saliva squirt from the inside of the cheeks. The smokiness is very subtle and you only get this as an aftertaste. The burps are raspberry.

I really couldn't taste much alcohol in this. In fact I drank it in less time than I would normally drink a bottle of Hardcore.

A fun drink for grown-ups.

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